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Campus Outreach

The mission for the Campus Outreach Unit is to improve the Transition Process from all Penn State Campuses to University Park. For continued academic and career success, we provide students with opportunities to connect with other students, College of Engineering and university resources.

Academic Summer Enhancement (ASE)

The Academic Summer Enhancement Program (ASE) encourages engineering students from all Penn State campuses to get to know the College of Engineering located at University Park. Although many first-year students start at smaller Penn State campuses all over Pennsylvania, most engineering students will graduate from University Park. ASE is a specially designed program offered by the Multicultural Engineering Program to help you get ready for college in a fun, effective, and realistic academic setting.

Engineering Ahead

Engineering Ahead is a family of six summer programs at Penn State for underrepresented students in engineering, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). These programs, which are located at the Penn State Abington, Altoona, Berks and University Park campuses, build on years of experience to deliver a comprehensive experience to students focusing on math and science courses that are critical to engineering degrees. These programs go further by getting students working on hands-on projects and experiences to develop an engineering mentality. Students also begin building their professional networks with upperclassmen and faculty members.

Jump Start

The Math and Physics Summer Jump Start program is a four-week Maymester bridge program at the University Park Campus. Jump Start has three main goals: 1) provide students with the academic preparation in entrance to major required Math and Physics courses 2) build community between campus student and 3) introduce students to University Park and in turn, their retention and graduation in engineering.

The design of this program will allow students at different math and physics levels to get a preview of the classes they will be taking in the fall semester while forming community with other campus students. Students will be able to choose between two math classes and two physics classes, depending on their next sequence of classes.

Leadership Conference

The Change of Campus Leadership Conference is a three-day program held in August before the start of classes at the University Park campus. The targeted audience includes upper-level Penn State students who have completed their core courses at a non-University Park campus and will be completing their engineering degree at University Park. The conference has three main goals: 1) familiarize the students with resources available at University Park and the College of Engineering, 2) build community and provide peer mentoring and 3) career preparation and corporate networking. By meeting these goals we look to increase the success of their transition to University Park and their retention in graduating. The structure of this program will be similar to a professional conference. Breakout sessions will include University and corporate presentations.

Engagement Opportunities

One-hour informational gatherings to provide a social atmosphere to build community amongst change of campus students. In the past, we have held ice cream socials, information sessions on resources, peer, mentoring opportunities and corporate interaction. Information regarding these events is sent via email. If you aren’t receiving this information, subscribe to the listserv.

Campus Networking

During the academic year, we travel to a variety of commonwealth campuses. The purpose is to collaborate with students, advisers and faculty regarding the transition process. These ongoing relationships ensure the success of academic and social engagement when students matriculate to University Park. The campuses we visit vary throughout the semester. Watch you email for our next visit to your campus!



The Center for Engineering Outreach and Inclusion assists women and multicultural students in the pursuit of their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our support system of faculty and staff encourages current students to become involved with our programs and student organizations.

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