Annual Student Awards

The Center for Engineering Outreach and Inclusion recognizes outstanding student contributions and leadership every spring semester.

Here are the Spring 2023 recipients, organized alphabetically by program:

International Engineering Program 

Photo Contest

The International Engineering Program, which helps the engineering community better support international students, launched a photo contest to capture the full breadth of what college life looks like for students during COVID-19. Photo submissions from students captured daily life, virtual learning, daily life, research, time on campus, and remote experiences.

Chen Shen
“Let's Go State”

Students showing school spirit

Pingxu Hao
“She and Her Dog”

A woman walking with her dog in the snow

Global Engagement Scholarship

Amr Abuarab

Amr Abuarab

Elena Choi

Elana Choi

Pranav Bhave

Pranav Pramod Bhave

Global Leadership Scholarship

Henry Fernandez

Henry Fernandez

Claire Hollinger

Claire Hollinger

Luiza Siqueira

Luiza Siqueira

Julia D. Erdley Graduate Scholarship in the College of Engineering

The Julia D. Erdley Graduate Scholarship is awarded to graduate students in the College of Engineering, who exhibit academic excellence and showcase leadership and service to the Graduate Women in Engineering program.  


Haroula Tzamaras
Ph.D. candidate, industrial engineering

Christine Cummings

Christine Cummings
Ph.D. candidate, mechanical engineering


Eden Binega Yemesegen
Ph.D. candidate, architectural engineering

Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP)

Multicultural Engineering Program, Emerging Leader Award

The MEP Emerging Leader Award highlights a first-year student who has contributed to fostering an inclusive community with active engagement in the Multicultural Engineering Program, throughout their first year.


Christopher Sarpong
First-year; Intended major: electrical engineering


Multicultural Engineering Program, Outstanding Leader Award

The MEP Outstanding Leader Award honors student leaders within the Multicultural Engineering Program who have worked tirelessly to give back to the MEP community. These student leaders have a dedication and drive to positively impact the Multicultural Engineering Program, creating an inclusive environment for all.


Malik Smith
Fourth-year, computer science


Nelloe Anonyuo
Fourth-year, computer science 


Jerry Noel
Fourth-year, computer science


Multicultural Engineering Program, Outstanding Mentor Award

The MEP Outstanding Mentor Award celebrates upper-level mentors who have made a significant impact on the social and academic integration of their first-year mentees within the Multicultural Engineering Program


Brandon Castillo
Third-year, nuclear engineering

Student Research and Graduate Equity

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Achievement

The Outstanding Undergraduate Research Achievement award recognizes an undergraduate researcher that has made an impact in their group and field.


Ziping Ye
Bachelor of science in computer science and engineering, 2023 (also spring 2023 computer science student marshal)

Emerging Undergraduate Researcher

The Emerging Researcher Award recognizes someone new to a research group (less than two years) who has already made strong accomplishments in their group and in their field.


Justice Flora Carter
Engineering, pre-major

Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award recognizes a faculty mentor who has made positive contributions to the research community experiences of undergraduate and graduate students and models best practices in effective research mentoring.

Dr. Andrea Argüelles

Dr. Andrea Argüelles
Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The outstanding graduate student award recognizes two graduate students for their outstanding leadership and service contributions to foster an inclusive graduate community in the College of Engineering and Penn State. 

Cierra Chandler

Cierra Chandler
Ph.D. candidate, materials science and engineering

Jessica M. Gonzalez-Vargas.jpg

Jessica M. González-Vargas 
Ph.D. candidate, industrial engineering

Student Transitions and Pre-College Programs

Engineering Student Tours and Resources (ESTAR) Most Tours Given: All-Time

This award is presented to the ESTAR who has given the most prospective student tours ever during their time as a Penn State College of Engineering student. 


Clifford "CJ" Stueck
Master of science, aerospace engineering

Engineering Student Tours and Resources (ESTAR) Most Tours Given: Current Semester

This award is presented to the ESTAR who has given the most prospective student tours during the current semester (spring 2023). 


Carolyn "Carrie" Mowery
Bachelor of science, mechanical engineering

Outstanding Student Leader Award

The Outstanding Student Leader Award is presented to two graduating students who have exhibited continuous exemplary leadership, served as well-respected role models, and have persistently demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting Commonwealth Engineering Scholars.

Sulaimon Akinsanmi

Sulaimon Akinsanmi
Bachelor of science, industrial and manufacturing engineering

Lauren Peterman

Lauren Peterman
Bachelor of science, chemical engineering

Women in Engineering Program (WEP)

Nadine Barrie Smith Mentor Award

The Nadine Barrie Smith Mentor Award is endowed by Dr. Andrew Webb in honor of his wife, Dr. Nadine Barrie Smith. Dr. Smith, who unexpectedly passed away, was a founding member of the Penn State Department of Biomedical Engineering and a member of the acoustics graduate program. Dr. Smith was a world-renowned expert in the fields of medical imaging and therapeutic ultrasound. As one of the few women faculty in engineering, she faced many challenges working in a male-dominated environment and overcame them with determination, hard work, humor, and sheer talent. The Nadine Barrie Smith Mentor Award recipient is an upper-level undergraduate engineer who, like Nadine, has devoted significant time and resources to mentoring female students in their quests to become better students, people, and engineers.


Keeley Boell
Bachelor of science with honors in biomedical engineering, 2023


Catherine Cavanagh
Bachelor of science in chemical engineering, 2023


Hanna Moon
Third-year, aerospace engineering


Gabrielle Nibert
Third-year, aerospace engineering


Nazifa Prapti
Third-year, mechanical engineering


Rebecca Shaw
Fourth-year, computer science

Joelle Leadership Award

The Joelle Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership contributions by an undergraduate to the College of Engineering. The award is endowed by Dr. Edward and Jane Liszka in honor of her parents, Joseph and Eleanor Munafo. Joelle is a combination of their first names. Heather Liszka, daughter of Jane and Edward Liszka, is a 1994 engineering science graduate and former Society for Women Engineers president. Heather is currently a family practice physician. The Joelle recipient is an upper-level engineering undergraduate with an outstanding record of leadership, service, and citizenship that positively affect the climate for women in the College of Engineering and/or in the University.



Caitlyn Longenecker, First Place
Integrated bachelor and master of architectural engineering in architectural engineering, 2023

Runners up:


Mya Guillaume
Bachelor of science in aerospace engineering, 2023


Morgan Schnars
Bachelor of science in biomedical engineering, 2023

WEP Outstanding Academic Facilitator Award

The WEP Outstanding Academic Facilitator Award recognizes the extraordinary contributions of WEP Academic Facilitators who go above and beyond to engage their study group members in meaningful enrichment to ensure success in each course. WEP-Facilitated Study Groups team small groups of first- and second-year students with an upper-level engineering facilitator who has demonstrated academic excellence in that course.


Keeley Boell
Bachelor of science with honors in biomedical engineering, 2023
CHEM 110 and MATH 140 facilitator


Megan Horan
Second-year, biomedical engineering
PHYS 211 and CHEM 110B facilitator


Sarah Swope
Second-year, chemical engineering
PHYS 211facilitator



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