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Multi-Campus Research Experience for Undergraduates

The MC REU program supports Penn State undergraduate engineering students to conduct research with Penn State faculty. Selected students will complete their proposed engineering research project in conjunction with two Penn State faculty members — one from the student’s home campus and one based at University Park.

The objectives of the MC REU are (1) to promote undergraduate students participating in research early in their academic program to broaden their education and increase their chances of entering graduate studies, and (2) to promote mutual awareness and collaboration among faculty across the Commonwealth.

Program Requirements

REU participants will participate in all program activities, including two weeks held at the University Park campus. University Park program weeks will be June 15-21 and July 8-12. Participants stay in on-campus housing (provided to participants at no charge) during these times.

Participants will spend approximately 40 hours per week working on research project. At the recommendation of faculty, projects will be designed as either 10-week (beginning May 20) or 8-week (beginning June 3) research experiences.

Program deliverables include a poster presentation at the MC REU Research Exhibition (held at the University Park campus July 29-30) and a scholarly research paper.


To be eligible for the REU program, students must be enrolled as an undergraduate student. Students must not be intending to graduate prior to the completion of their REU experience. Preference is given to students working towards an engineering degree.

As the program is a full-time commitment, participants are not permitted to have a large course load during the program. Any students choosing to also take classes during the core program weeks must have approvals of their project faculty and program staff.


To apply, log in at Using the application website, follow the three steps below to apply to the MC REU:

  1. Add your biographical data and résumé
  2. Link with a faculty member from your home campus and list them as a reference. Faculty will be prompted by the application website to submit a letter of support for your project.
  3. Apply to the MC REU Posting. When you apply, you must also upload a 1-2 page proposal which describes:
    • Goals of the project
    • Importance of research
    • Research plans including a timeline showing how the intended results can be achieved within the scope of the REU dates
    • Plan for engagement (types/frequency of interactions) with the faculty member and/or the research team throughout the project


Students will be awarded $4,200 in the form of scholarship. Faculty will each receive $500 in funds to support research.

If you have questions contact Erin Hostetler ( or Cindy Reed ( with the College of Engineering in the Office for Student Research and Engagement, University Park campus.



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