Become a sponsor for the Commonwealth Engineering Scholars Leadership Conference

The Commonwealth Engineering Scholars Leadership Conference is seeking partners for the three-day online event on August 11-13. This is a corporate and alumni networking opportunity, as well as a chance to present at the conference for our sponsors and meet your future interns and employees.

The Commonwealth Engineering Scholars Leadership Conference is a three-day orientation program held prior to the start of the fall semester. The program is designed for Commonwealth Campus students who are transitioning to the University Park campus in the College of Engineering. The program focuses on giving students the tools they need for a successful transition to the College of Engineering. These tools include team building, mentoring, leadership experience, corporate networking, and professional development.

Corporate partners have the opportunity to sponsor workshops that encourage leadership and building professional development skills. The sponsor can suggest specific topics. This program will provide corporate partners with the opportunity to meet with a diverse array of students who are majoring in related fields and are eager to learn more about their industry. These students are in the process of seeking internships, and they will soon graduate and apply for full-time jobs. The Commonwealth Engineering Scholars Leadership Conference is also a great branding opportunity to demonstrate a company’s support for a world-class program that assists Penn State students in achieving academic and career success. Companies may participate in this event at a level that meets their needs. All three sponsorship tiers are described in the sponsorship brochure.

From past participants and mentors

“The Commonwealth Engineering Scholars Leadership Conference was not only a great way to meet students coming from other campuses, but also an instrumental step in enhancing professional skills. Looking back, I can say that the conference properly equipped me with the skills I needed to succeed as a student and professional at Penn State University Park.”
—Tyler Martin

“The leadership conference was a great balance between learning and fun; I met my boyfriend through the connections I made during the team building exercises! I think it was a great way to ease our transition to University Park.”
—Sabria Hoecke


2022 Commonwealth Engineering Scholars Leadership Conference Dates:

  • August 11-13

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